Season Report

Evaluation of last season 2018/19

and looking forward to the next

The aim of the season was to get ourselves in the middle table to compete in the play off for entry to the Europa League. We failed to achieve this and finished in 11th, 2 points adrift of our goal.

Sporting Director, Miroslav Držmíšek, summarises the season:

The first half of the season was influenced with injuries to players and poor performances at home.


During that period our injury list was more than most, and on several occasions,  we had to dip into the youth team. The upside to this was Matěj Koubek, his shift to the first team and his first professional contract. We responded in the winter break, bringing in a few new faces.


A different story for this season was our performances at home. Only 2 victories meant one of the worst seasons at Ďolíček. If we only picked up average results away from home that would have seen us relegated for sure. But our away form was good this year, and we ranked 4th in the table for away results.


However, with only 3 wins, our home performance did not improve and the club failed to acheive their goal for the season and ended the season having to play off to escape relegation.


The club’s shareholders and management have said that last season was an unsuccessful one, and have agreed that the club had more ambition and conditions for significantly better results.


The team and management have been given specific tasks and goals for the new season:


• Improve results, in particular at Ďolíček


• Strengthen the attacking part of the team to improve the goal chances and move up the table.


• Intensify co-operation with the sports director, team and club management.


These goals and tasks will be continuously assessed by the Board of Directors and management to be resolved immediately. We want to see a move for the better during the first round of the new FORTUNA: LIGA season.


Bohemians also played this year in the MOL Cup, the Czech Cup. “After many years, we managed to break into the quarterfinal’s and eventually on to the semi-final.


Unfortunately, the match in Ostrava did not go as expected, which I was particularly sorry about because of the number of fans who came to Ostrava for us.”said club director, Darek Jakubowicz.




We appreciate the support of the fans and realize how important their role is in the functioning of the club. We want to improve communication not only via Virtual Ďolíček in the section "Ask the Leadership", but also in the form of frequent meetings with fans wand the leadership in Ďolíček. Fans' times will be set and interested parties will be able to use this time to discuss directly with the club management on any Bohemians related topic. Other news for the next season will be a regular newsletter that will keep you up to date on the club.


In the near future, we are planning some events for the fans:

• Lukáš Přibyl Memorial and Children's Day

• Traditional Pařník in co-operation with DFB and Sector 1905

• Summer Cinema in Ďolíček

• Pergola before the start of the season


You can find out more about these events on the club's website and on social networks.




Shareholders and Bohemians Fans realize that the stadium needs reconstruction. However, without the cooperation of the City of Prague, we will not see any major changes. That is why we initiated negotiations with the City of Prague and the City of Prague 10, which resulted in the establishment of a working group dealing with the reconstruction of Ďolíček and the surrounding area. There is a club representative in the working group and DFB fans also have their representatives. DFB is planning a public discussion on the reconstruction of Ďolíček in the coming months.


However, a slight improvement can be expected at the beginning of the new season. Currently, the 2nd phase of the reconstruction of the social area is underway. Further, in the summer break, sector B, the main area for the home fans, will be rebuilt, where the new sector will be newly built. All these adjustments go to the club's cost without any subsidies or public support.




After the start and excellent results of our academy in Velvar, for which we would like to thank the director Josef Dobeš, we will focus more on our Prague youth. The first steps will be the U19 category, where we will help financially, as a joint stock company, with the provision of professional coaches with the aim of moving back to the national youth league. Professionalization of all categories from U15 is planned in the coming years, and the sports management of these teams is the responsibility of the sports director of the joint-stock company.



A Big thanks to the fans. Despite the many failures this season, they have supported us in large numbers, even on trips. Thank you very much for your amazing support.


We have had a very stressful period but we all believe in the club and we will do it.


(Translated from an article in Virtuální Ďolíček as best I could using Google translate and my limited Czech.)



All the photographs used within the strips on this website have been allowed by kind permission of Michal Holas.

Michal has been taking photos of Bohemians 1905 Prague for a very long time. He not only takes pictures of the team but also of the most important part of any football club. the fans. His pictures are full of atmosphere and realism, They give a feeling of being right there.

If you want to see any of Michal's work, I have given a couple of links below.

Our thanks to Michal for giving his permission to use the pictures.


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