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Founded as AFK Vršovice, the club played at the top level of football in the Czechoslovak First League between 1925 and 1935.


They spent seasons in and out of the top division for the next 40 years before remaining in the top flight between 1973 and 1995, the most successful era for the club.


In the 1982–83 season the club won the Czechoslovakian League Championship and advanced to the semifinals of the UEFA Cup.


In the year 2005 it survived a crisis, which was a consequence of bad management. The club was prevented from taking part in the second part of the 2004–05 Czech 2. Liga and its results were expunged.


The club was relegated to the 3rd Czech division due to its financial insolvency, but later was saved by its fans who paid off portion of the club's debts.


The club was able to advance back to the top flight in 2007, where they played until relegation in 2012. After only one season in 2. Liga Bohemians return to the premier league in 2013.


Club Founded: 1905

Team Colours: Green and White

Previous Club Names:

AFK Vršovice (1905 to 1927)

AFK Bohemians (1927 to 1940)

AFK Bohemia (1940 to 1945) 

AFK Bohemians (1945 to 1948) 

Železničáři Praha (1948 to 1952) 

Spartak Praha Stalingrad (1953 to 1961) 

ČKD Praha (1961 to 1964) 

Bohemians ČKD Praha (1965 to 1993) 

FC Bohemians Praha (1993 to 1999) 

CU Bohemians Praha (1999 to 2001) 

FC Bohemians Praha (2002 to 2005) 

Bohemians 1905 (2005 to 2012) 

Bohemians Praha 1905 (2013 on ) 

Club History
Club Records


League Champions: (1) 1982/1983 

Runners-up: (1) 1984/1985 

3rd Place on 11 Occasions 


Czech Cup Winners: (1) 1982 

Runners-up: (4) 1924, 1935, 1980, 1981 



Competed 8 times in the UEFA Cup reaching the semi-finals in 1983 

Competed in the European Cup once 

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Most goals in a season by team: 80 (1949) 

Most goal in a season by player: Kareš 24 (1943-44) 

Biggest Win: 10:0 v Meteor VIII (1930-31) and v SONP Kladno (1949) 

Biggest Loss: 1:11 v Slavia Prague (1942-43) 

Most Games: Zdeněk Prokeš 292 

Top scorer: Ferdinand Plánický 100 

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