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The official website for the best supported football club in Prague, Czech Republic. Unfortunately, it's mainly in Czech. Though it does contain some English language pages. A must if you can read Czech. Still worth a visit if you can't.

The official club shop where you can buy your scarves, replica shirts/kit and all sorts of  merchandise. If you want any help drop then an email and they will get back to you. Calling is hard work if you can't speak Czech!

The best source of information on Czech football in English. There really is no where better. I personally can't thank it's owner and writer Chris Boothroyd for the informative news he puts out. A must for any Czech football fan, no matter what team you support.

A good website detailing the history of Bohemians Prague from their 1905 roots as AFK Vršovice to the present day. In Czech but worth a visit.

An independent fans site for supporters of Bohemians Prague 1905. This site is ONLY in Czech. If your Czech is good enough, or you can understand what Google Translates it to, then it is worth a read. (Currently live but showing a blank page?!)

Michal Holas is a photographer and Bohemians fan. This is a link to his page. There is some excellent Bohemians stuff there, some going back many years!

A local football team, (Sheffield), that was started by Richard 'Cobby' Cobb, who became a fan of Bohemians Prague 1905 when working and living in Prague. They play in the green and white of the famous Klokani and have a Kangaroo mascot. Once toured Prague too. This is real grassroots football. They have quite a few teams playing under the banner. Always looking for players, so whatever your age, sex or level, if you are local to Sheffiled give them a look

The website for Bohemians Prague's most dedicated of fans. Actually a very good site. Again no English, but worth a visit for their pictures and videos alone.

Celebrating the greatest season in the history of Bohemians Prague, 1982/83. Detailing the Klokani championship winning team.

A very interesting fan site.

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